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AK Entertainment

AK Entertainment exports Korean dramas, films, documentaries,
music programs and new media contents (mobile, VOD, DMB, and so on)
to the whole world including China.

The company has always maintained exchanges and partnership
with main broadcasting companies and productions in America,
Canada, Europe and Asian countries, such as major studios in
Hollywood like Paramount, Fox and Columbia.

AK also provides quality media contents swiftly at proper prices
domestically through this.

AK will do its best to be a reliable partner making a contents
business model pursuing win-win by swiftly and effectively
responding to contents demands needed by all media, like TV, movies,
animation, mobile and other new media.
Profile of CEO Kim Ji-yong
1992 Graduated from Chung-Ang University. (majored in English)
1996 Worked at Fox TV channel in New York.
1997 Graduated from NYIT graduate school in New York. (majored in Communication Arts)
1998~2000 Worked at the programming and production team of Doosan Group DSN channel as a producer.(purchase foreign programs)
2000~2003 Worked at CJ Media's strategy planning team as a chief of the license sales team
(in charge of overseas business)
2003 Founded Creo Contents and became CEO.
2005 Founded AK Entertainment and is CEO.
2006~ 2008 Worked as a lecturer for Dankook University's media and image school and graduate school of information and communication technology
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