Pre-school   Total 6 Programmes
Momba & Momi's Exciting Bodyventure
Genre: Animation
Duration: 15mins x 13eps
Definition: HD
Year of Production: 2013
Language: Korean, English
Synopsis: Fun, Refreshing, and Exciting Project for Healthy Children around the World Earth 100 years from now. With the advent of a non-stop care (NSC) system that performs daily activities on behalf of humans, people become obese, lose muscle strength, and suffer lethargy. A genius doctor called Na Body comes up with a solution to save mankind from the crisis! Dancing robots Momba number one and number two and Na Momi, a dancing girl who lives in the present, now start a popping dance! Bue Naebido, the type of robot sent by Big K, CEO of NSC, 100 years into the past to foil Dr. Na Body's plan, goes into the body of Na Momi. To restore Na Momi's health, Dr. Na Body sends Momba number one and number two to the present Earth. Can the Momba robots from the future drive away the Naebido robots from inside Na Momi's body?
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